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5 tips for a tight and modern interior

Every interior is different, and that’s a good thing. There are, however, a number of general rules that you should adhere to if you want to obtain a certain style. This is also the case for a modern and tight interior! Which things should you keep in mind if you want to make your interior more modern and tighter?

The five best tips for a modern and tight interior

An interior that looks tight and modern is becoming increasingly popular. New trends are added every year, making it often difficult to stay with. Certain guidelines for a modern interior are, however, timeless:

1. Choose simple colors

Color logically plays a major role in the appearance of your home. For a modern look, it is recommended to opt for sober, solid colors. A white tiled floor, walls that are painted in one color and decoration that does not have too many colorful contrasts, these are all good examples. Of course you can add a color accent to the interior here and there to keep it nice.

2. The right furniture

It is then worthwhile to choose furniture that matches your desired style. Modern furnishings often use tight tables, possibly with a glass tabletop, a fabric-covered sofa with a sleek design, modern table chairs, and so on. Use materials such as aluminum and avoid solid holds, as this will reinforce the modern character of your home even more.

3. Also consider the lighting

A tight interior is not complete without lighting. For a modern look, rail lighting is a good choice, such as white rail spots in the living room or small spots in the hall. With their design, these not only contribute to a modern look, they also ensure optimum illumination of the room. A win-win situation, especially if you also opt for LED lamps.

4. The balance between austere and pleasant

Finally, you can give your modern interior an extra dimension by finding exactly the right balance between sober and cozy. A modern living style focuses on functional living and a tight design, but you can also incorporate some plants, frames and other decorations into the rooms to make it comfortable. That way you enjoy more living comfort yourself and any visitors will feel more at ease.