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Top five cities to visit in France on your next holiday

France position itself as the world’s leading tourist destination welcoming over ninety-million annual visitors. This country has an incredibly large number of magical wonders to visit and explore. The treasure-trove of archaeological sites, Museums, Monuments and Art galleries in France attracts tourists like magnets to come and explore them. You need to visit the charming cities in France like Paris, Bordeaux and others to explore these attractions. In addition to them, there are beautiful coastal towns for sun-seekers.


Also, you cannot miss the gastronomical delights and nightlife experience in France. It is genuinely an uphill task to list down the best cities in France where you can find most of the attractions. Likewise, you need to travel from one city to another to explore them. Car rental, France is popular among enthusiastic tourists visiting this country. You can take a scenic road drive and reach your desired destination. Alternatively, rent a car locally to explore the city and its attractions at your own pace. You can find prices on car rental in France here: https://www.autoprio.com/en-car-rental-france/. Its easy to rent and drive in France and prices are low. Preferably you book the car before you arrive.


If you are unable to decide from which city, you want to start exploring France, here is our expert advice for that. We have listed the top five cities to visit in France. These are also the countries most popular tourist destinations. Let’s explore them individually.

The Top five cities to visit in France


Paris is the most visited city in France because of the spectacular Eiffel Tower. It is a good idea to take a Car rental in France and visit this city. The reason is, you can explore the city’s attractions at your own pace. From nightlife, dining and art to history and architecture, Paris has everything to delight you. Thus, it is one of the top five cities to visit in France.


For beach lovers, Nice is an excellent city to visit and explore. Therefore, rent a cheap car in France by using Car rental, France online platform. You can easily marvel around the city’s thriving art scene, visit bars and restaurants and also enjoy a stunning sunset. Nice bright and sunny weather pulls it up among the top five cities to visit in France.


Bordeaux is another beautiful city to explore in France. In this city, you can fulfil your gastronomical delight towards french wine and food. You can also spot many neoclassical architectures to marvel around. In addition to it, Bordeaux name is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage site list. Thus, it stands among the top five cities to visit in France.


Marseille is a beautiful French city where you must visit. Here you can find various Roman ruins to explore. The perfect Mediterranean climate and coastal scenes make it is a perfect destination for history seekers and beach lovers alike.


This UNESCO world heritage site city, Lyon will definitely wonder you. From stunning Renaissance churches to Roman ruins and museums, the list of attractions to explore is huge. In addition to them, also taste the countries best French Food available over here. Thus, Lyon ranks among the top five cities to visit in France.


So, we have listed our favourite french cities, which one is yours?