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7 Tips for renting a car on Curacao

If you are looking for tips for a rental car on Curacao, you will be inundated with information. It is of course nice to have this on a list, so that you know exactly where you stand. That is why I went looking for you and I have listed all the tips about renting a car on Curacao. I will also conclude with the best places that you should not miss if you have a rental car. This way you know everything you need and you are well prepared on the road!

Tips for renting a car on Curaçao

Curacao is a beautiful tropical island with white sandy beaches and azure blue seas. The island is extremely popular. The majority of all tourists who visit the island come from the Netherlands. There is a lot to see and do on the island and that is why I recommend renting a car when you are on Curacao. If you want to visit several beaches and places of interest, it is necessary to have a car. Furthermore, public transport does not always run regularly. That is why it is not nice to be dependent on public transport.

Tip 1: Book your car well in time

You can save a lot if you choose to book a rental car online well in advance. Curacao is of course an island and therefore has a fixed stock of rental cars. Prices rise quickly during busy periods. The longer you wait, the fewer cars there are and the more you pay. Furthermore, if you book early, you have enough time to find a good car. This allows you to read the conditions and make the best choice.

A reliable site for renting a car on Curacao is veiligautohurencuracao.nl.

Tip 2: Choose the right car

On Curacao you can rent cars of all shapes and sizes. A smaller car is always cheaper, but make sure that your luggage and beach stuff fits . Also check in advance whether you want to rent an automatic or manual transmission. Furthermore, of course you choose the car that you like best.

Tip 3: Check the conditions

Always check the terms of the lease, especially with the smaller local companies. It may be the case that you find a good deal, but in the end there are all hidden costs and conditions attached to it. This can make the price very disappointing. By checking this you avoid these situations and you can choose the best company for you.

Furthermore, the minimum age for car rental Curacao is usually 23 years. This can differ per rental company. Often a number of years of driving experience is also required. Therefore, also carefully check the conditions for the age.

Tip 4: Choose the right insurance

I recommend that you always take out insurance when you rent a car. A different insurance policy applies to each rental company. Check these too, so you know exactly which one is important to you. There is a slightly greater chance that you will incur damage in Curacao than in the Netherlands or the US. They are generally less careful with their driving style.

There are many different types of insurance but I would recommend taking an all inclusive insurance. Here you can choose whether you want to buy off your deductible and everything else is covered.

Tip 5: Make sure you have a credit card

Many rental companies require a credit card. In addition to the payment of the rent of a car, this is also used as a guarantee for deposit and deductible. The amount that is blocked on your credit card for this is between 500 and 1500 euros. Often this is the only way you can rent a car. I understand that it is not nice that such an amount is reserved on your credit card. If you prefer not to, you can also rent your car at veiligautohurencuracao.nl without a credit card!

Tip 6: Check the car

Make sure you check the car for damage and discuss this with the rental company if you rent a car. Record the damage and possibly also take pictures of it, so that you have proof that this damage was not caused by you. If you do make damage yourself, it is also useful to record this situation in photos. This way you can avoid later discussion.

Tip 7: If you have your rental car: Take other traffic rules into account

Number 7 of my tips for renting a car in Curacao is for when you are going to drive it. On Curaçao, people drive a bit more lax than we are used to in the Netherlands or in the US. Yet it is quite easy to adapt to the traffic on the island. The traffic signs are about the same as in the Netherlands and the US, so you will have no problem with this. In the event of a collision, you must call the Curacao Road Service. They will arrange for someone to prepare a damage report. Its phone number is 199. Also note that the roads can be extremely slippery when it rains.

You should not miss this on Curacao with your rental car!

When you finally have a rental car, you naturally want to explore the most beautiful places on the island. These are my tips for all the nice places that you should definitely visit on Curacao.

  • Visit Punda & Otrobanda, the heart of Willemstad.
  • Go to the beautiful beaches to the west. You will find the most beautiful beaches of Curacao in the west of the island.
  • Visit a museum and discover historic Curacao. Kura Hulanda, for example, is an interesting museum about slavery on Curacao.
  • Visit the Christoffel Park. This beautiful nature park is an hour’s drive from Willemstad.
  • Go to Shete Boka National Park. This is located near the Christoffel Park and here you can also admire the beautiful nature and the 7 mouths of the sea.
  • Spot flamingos at St. Willibrordus. At the salt pans you can see the beautiful animals.
  • Go to the ostrich farm and see the beautiful birds.