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6 actions to find peace and happiness

While peace of mind and happiness are our birthright, we often hear about our negative attitudes or ways of thinking, about things that hold us back, about all the mistakes we make, about how we have to have the past again to move forward. Well, I am here to remind you of positive ways to actually bring more peace, happiness and harmony into your life if you just want to try them out.

1. Rewrite your life story or situation

Just repeat your story or the current situation as you would really like to experience it, no matter what it was or what is really going on right now. Pretend your life is exactly the way you want it. Imagine how happy and peaceful you are and keep your focus on this new story until it becomes your reality. Put away every piece of doubt and unbelief and just immerse your imagination in this new and exciting journey. Let it really feel like you are already living this and continue to reinforce the happy feelings that come with this new life and you will notice that changes are occurring.

I know this method works the way I used it at different times in my life with amazing results, such as meeting my husband within three months of doing what I asked you to do – write what you want to create and now imagine .

2. Do not decide to take things personally

Try to bypass any negativity that comes your way; Imagine you just pick it up, throw it in the sink and let the water flush out in the plug opening – you don’t need it. If you don’t pay attention to it, negativity dies away quickly because you no longer vibrate at its low level to attract yourself even more. Increase your vibration higher by focusing on positive things to attract joyful events and to support people in your life.

If you really want peace and happiness, don’t allow other people’s negative comments and behaviors to destroy your joy. Just remember that you can stay at peace no matter what happens around you, because that is where you deserve to be. Nothing can disturb that peace without your permission, so choose not to give in to trivial arguments or misconceptions when others dispel their pain because it has nothing to do with you, even though you may be at the end. Appreciate yourself enough to stay focused on your own peace of mind.

3. Every day Put your luck first

Do something you love; treat yourself to lunch; dance; to sing; rest; do whatever makes sense and helps you to feel happy, free and peaceful. Nothing else counts more than your joy and happiness, because without them, what do you bring to others? Misery, negativity, resentment, exhaustion, sadness?

Take the time for yourself and then your peace and happiness will flow to those with whom you come in contact and you will bring them the best of you, not the worst. This is the best way to encourage them to find the best in themselves.

4. Do your best in every situation that you encounter

Keep your word, walk your conversation, live by your values, strive for the highest good of everything in your actions and try not to do any harm. Before the end of each day, if there is something that you did or said that makes you feel uncomfortable, correct the situation. The power to do this is in your hands. Take action instead of worrying about things and you will feel more at ease.

5. Have compassion for yourself

If you want more peace and happiness, you must be able to forgive yourself for things that you feel guilty about, or that you regret or feel that you could have done better. A certain way to become depressed is to beat yourself mentally again and again for something that you may or may not have done that you think you should or should not have done in the past or present.

First of all you have to knock yourself off the hook. If you feel that you have wronged someone and there is an action that you can take to put things right, then at least you take the action because it makes you feel better. If there is nothing that can be done, you must understand that the person in the past is not the person you are today who looks back and can see how, sometimes, things could have been done or said differently.

The person you were in the past did the best they could with the knowledge they had at the time. If they could have acted differently or talked, look at yourself through eyes of compassion and understanding. We can all look back now and see other ways to do and do afterwards, but this wisdom is given to us to use from now on, not to hit ourselves because we hadn’t known a better way forward at that time!

6. Ignore negative thoughts

Don’t allow any negative thought to breed in thought, because if you do, it will grow and like a fungus, it will take over and before you know it, it will destroy your peace and happiness with lies that you will eventually believe .

Mind lies behind conflicts, paralysis, fears, low self-esteem, depression and suicide. It is vital for all of us to become more aware of our thoughts and moods.

Our true state is peace.

The moment you begin to form a negative mind or mood, if you appreciate your Sternzeichen peace of mind, you will extinguish it before it starts to multiply or deepen and ruin your day, your relationships, your physical and mental health and your life!

You cannot afford to have even one negative thought if you want to create peace and joy. I know that sometimes it feels like a fight is going on and it’s a fight that you have to win. When you notice a negative thought or a low state of mind, do something to distract yourself; play some uplifting or loud music; write a stupid poem; paint; practice. Make yourself do something else.

Try to speak the negative thought out loud with a squeaky, silly voice that makes you laugh and places some distance between you and the thought. Call a friend for support that you can raise. Simply do everything that works for you to get yourself out of the negative state of mind that you are in.

Once you have found a few ways that are effective in bringing you into a more positive state of mind, save them and use them as needed.

Remember that your peace of mind and happiness are paramount, so place them as a top priority in your life.