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WoW Classic: The Necropolis Of Naxrammas Will Arrive On December 3!

Blizzard continues with its plans to add content to WoW Classic, this old school version of World of Warcraft that has been a resounding success since its launch more than a year ago, attracting thousands of players daily who enjoy this older version more than the new World of WarcraftShadowlands.

WoW Classic players have long been asking Blizzard to include Naxxramas, one of the toughest raids in the game’s history, and the company will finally give everyone what they want.

Specifically, Blizzard has announced through its Twitter account that Naxrammas, Necropolis stronghold of the Scourge and home of Kel’thuzad, will arrive at WoW Classic on December 3, although it urged players to prepare themselves to face this very complicated challenge.

To do this, Blizzard has already activated the appearance of the NPC Archmage Angela Dosantos at Light’s Hopel Chapel to provide the players with the attunement to Naxrammas raid. Here is the company’s statement:

“We have updated WoW Classic to make the NPC Archmage Angela Dosantos available at Light’s Hope Chapel. Now, if you wish to complete your attunement to Naxxramas in advance of the raid going live on December 3, you can visit the Archmage and take care of it.”

Also, not all players will be eligible to complete the Naxrammas attunement, as only players with an Honored Reputation in the Argent Dawn will be able to properly initiate it.

You can buy WoW Classic gold now to try to increase your skills and your reputation more quickly, so you can train and have everything ready before next December 3 and be one of the first players to complete this raid with your team.

With the reputation level at Honored, players will be able to complete the Dread Citadel quest to begin the attunement, although you will need to spend 60 gold, 5 arcane crystals. 2 nexus crystals and 1 righteous orb to start the mission.

Also, if you manage to increase your reputation to Revered level before starting the mission, you won’t need as many materials to get started. You will only need 30 gold, 2 arcane crystals and 1 nexus crystal. So it will be your decision whether to focus on raising your reputation or collecting the materials.

As if that were not enough, if you manage to raise your reputation to Exalted, you will not be fined with any type of material and you will be able to start the mission without having to spend gold or crystals, so your efforts will be rewarded if you manage to reach such a level before December 3.

Completing the attunement is required to challenge the Dread Citadel of Naxxramas, so don’t want to be too clever and skip these preparations because you would be left out of this huge WoW Classic event.

Logically, the team you choose will also be essential when facing this challenge, so it is best to prepare a group and think about the strategies they will apply to survive and not have such a bad time in Naxxramas.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)