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Things that are better to lease than buy

The obsession with ownership in our society has made us believe that if you don’t buy something to make it yours, it’s not worth it. However, that is not the case. In fact, leasing or renting is better for the environment, which makes it even more worth it. If you are trying to be less wasteful in your purchases, leasing or renting things you won’t be using all the time is a choice you should definitely consider. The act of buying something and it being yours is definitely a great feeling, but to chase that with everything you want can be very wasteful. 

This is why we’ve compiled a list of different items that should be leased instead of bought because we are confident that you won’t be needing them forever.

Construction power tools

If you realize you need some power tools to build a deck or fix something, you might want to consider leasing them. Unless you are planning to be doing some serious building on a regular basis, what are the chances that you’ll need an electric drill after you are done with your task? If the answer is never or even not much, it’s not worth spending the money to buy a brand new one when you can rent someone else’s.

Formal attire

If you are going to a prom, a gala, or a super formal wedding, you are going to need some formal attire. But are formal gatherings a norm in your social calendar where you are going to need to buy an outfit? And if you do have tons of formal gatherings to attend, you would need more than one outfit. If you are in a position where you can buy multiple formal outfits, why are you reading this blog post? If you can’t make those expensive purchases, leasing is the best option.

Internet protocol version 4

If you are launching a website or blog and are expecting some success on it, you’ll be needing some extra IPv4 address space. Normally, these addresses would be provided for free, but for a couple of years now the supply has been exhausted. Some extra IPv4 can make sure your website or blog doesn’t crash so easily with all the traffic that will go to it. But because they’re totally exhausted and a lot of people are in need of them, the prices for a single one are super high. This is why it’s better to lease IPv4 addresses than purchase them.