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FIFA 21 – Georgia Stanway Featured Squad Battle

It’s time for another FIFA 21 featured squad battle. This week’s guest is Georgia Stanway. She is a professional FA Women Super League player for Manchester City and the national English team. He accolades include the 2018 UEFA Women’s Champions League Squad of the Season and 2019 PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year. Her FIFA 21 team has many great players. Can you win against them?

Zidane, Henry, and Gerrard are the three Icons that are on Stanway’s team.

Zidane is a 94 center attacking midfielder with 82 pacing, 90 shooting, 93 passing, 92 dribbling, 72 defending, and 83 physical.

Henry has 90 OVR. This player item card has the left-wing position. The card comes with 90 pacing, 88 shooting, 85 passing, 87 dribbling, 51 defending, and 77 physical.

Gerrard has the center midfielder position. His attributes are 80 pacing, 86 shooting, 88 passing, 84 dribbling, 75 defending, and 80 physical.

Messi’s card has the right-wing position. This item has 93 OVR and 85 pacing, 92 shooting, 91 passing, 95 dribbling, 38 defending, and 65 physical.

De Bruyne has 91 OVR. This is a center attacking midfielder items.

Mbappe is a striker. He has 90 OVR and the following attributes: 96 pacing, 86 shooting, 78 passing, 91 dribbling, 39 defending, and 76 physical.

Van Dijk is a player card that works in a center back position. This player with 90 OVR has these stats: 76 pacing, 60 shooting, 71 passing, 72 dribbling, 91 defending, and 86 physical.

Davies is a left-back with 81 OVR. He comes with 96 pacing, 67 shooting, 69 passing, 82 dribbling, 76 defending, and 76 physical.

Sergio Ramos has the center back position. His stats are 72 pacing, 71 shooting, 77 passing, 76 dribbling, 90 defending, and 86 physical. His OVR is 90.

Kimmich is a player whose item card has 72 pacing, 74 shooting, 87 passing, 85 dribbling, 82 defending, and 81 physical. His position is center defending midfielder and his OVR is 89.

The goalkeeper of Georgia’s team is Oblak. This card has 91 OVR and 87 diving, 92 handling, 78 kicking, 90 reflexes, 50 speed, and 90 positioning.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)