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What to eat when you just joined a gym?

People start going to a gym for a lot of different reasons. Some people want to lose weight while others want to gain weight. Everyone who recently joined a gym has one thing in common. We all want to work on ourselves, our bodies and become more healthy. Do you think you’re still allowed to eat Monte Pizza Crust dough balls while going to the gym? Alot of people consider the eating part the harder part of your body transformation. Going to the gym a few hours a day is easy when you compare it to strict diets and creating new habits.

Eating to gain weight

If you’ve joined the gym to gain weight you need to make sure your calorie intake is a lot higher than the amount of calories that your body burns during training. We humans have a lot of different bodies and some people gain weight easier than others. When eating to gain weight some pro athletes are eating up to 10.000 calories a day. Depending on your current weight, goals and experience you can eat 3.000, 3.500 or even 4.000 calories a day. If you’re planning to gain lean muscle these calories must mostly come from protein and carbs. If you don’t care about a lean way of eating you can just devour any amount of burgers, chips and candy you want, this is called ‘Dirty Bulking’. Go to a well-known pizza restaurant and try to eat as much as u can.

Eating to lose weight

Did you join the gym to lose weight? Now you want to eat a little less than your body is burning, this is called a calorie deficit. So for instance your body is using about 2.400 calories a day, your intake should be around 2.100 to 2.200. All depending on your current weight and goals. When you’re willing to lose weight make sure the food you’re eating is lean. Limit your carb intake and eat a lot of vegetables, lean meat and alot of protein. If you’re not consuming enough protein your body will break down muscle mass in order to gain access to protein and saved energy.