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Get paid by selling your IPv4 addresses

With all the ads we see online we may think that companies run the internet. However, it is the other way around, the internet is the one running these companies. The success of many companies all around the world heavily relies on their media presence and their business networks. This proves to be a bit of a crutch because many companies need to keep being bulks of IPv4 addresses in order to keep their networks running smoothly. 


Why sell your IPv4 address


In 2019 the RIPE NCC put out a statement to officially declare that all of the IPv4 they had, has run out. But that doesn’t mean the addresses stopped existing. Many still have quite a lot of them without actually needing them, so they simply sell them. Ever since the IPv4 addresses ran out, the value for a single one keeps going higher and higher. So if you have any additional IPv4 addresses then look into selling them. If you are planning to sell IPv4 addresses, consider talking to an IP broker to make sure everything goes well.


IP brokers 


If this is your first time considering entering the transfer market of IPv4, then getting an IP broker to help you out is the first thing you should do. The whole process of selling and buying IP addresses is a lot more complicated than you might assume. There are many ways things can just go wrong, so having an IP broker help you out can make the process a lot less anxiety inducing. 


Not only do IP brokers have a great network to start with but they also have a good deal of experience. They have all the knowledge you will need to know about the market and they will make sure you don’t run into any dangerous or legal risks.

Does selling seem too complicated?


If you aren’t too keen on all the rules and regulations and the time and energy you will need to spend while trying to sell some IPv4 addresses, then you are in luck. You are able to lease them as well. The process to lease is a lot simpler than selling and takes a lot less time.