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NBA 2K21: The Addition Of WNBA

The great revolutions of the NBA 2K21 for the next-gen version would be the inclusion of the WNBA. This is what Visual Concepts has showed us. MyGM mode lovers may feel this first. Not only will we be able to play several seasons, but also it will be possible to manage any of its twelve franchises, and even change the WNBA rules, which has happened before in My League.  

We will have at our disposal practically all the options that the well-known My GM mode already has, with even a non-narrative section, but it does make decisions that make it a kind of sports RPG. We know the depth of this manager mode, that although below My Player or My Team, it still enjoys a certain popularity among all NBA 2K21 players.

However, the biggest revolution in terms of the inclusion of women’s basketball in NBA 2K21 will come from The W, a kind of My Career mode specifically designed for WNBA players.

As in its male version, to offer more than just a series of matches is the main objective of The W. It also wants to offer a glimpse of what life is like off the courts, and in this sense women have been exclusive protagonists for many months. In this case, the player’s progression is based on five elements: Player Popularity, Player Progression, Player Wealth, WNBA Popularity, and Partner Chemistry.

However, and how could it be otherwise, what we do on the court matters, and a lot. The first step is the creation of the player, and then go on to choose one among a lot of archetypes: bidirectional organizer, passing and penetrating forward, offensive threat, triple base and defense, Nullifier, and much more. It will be necessary to achieve a type of experience (as known as My Points) to grow in each of them, which suggests that in this mode the unpopular VC will be dispensed with.

Fortunately, other than the official WNBA matches, there will be more ways to compete. For instance, the W Online. In this game mode, 3v3 matches are played together with five other players with the usual rules of this type of match in The Yard, this time moving the action to a field specially designed for this modality and of overwhelming graphic beauty. Thanks to The W Online we will be able to unlock numerous items such as costumes or animations, in addition to My Points to make our player progress.

Definitely, and as expected, NBA 2K21’s commitment to the WNBA is resounding in its version for the next generation. There is still room for improvement, but at least 2K Games and Visual Concepts have already taken the first step.

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(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)