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Learn more about different tactics for increasing milk production in dairy cows

Livestock farmers are continuously improving their business. Regulations constantly change, making it rather hard to adapt to new situations. These situations may cause decreases in milk protein yields, which in turn leads to decreased profits for the livestock farmer. Kimtec International has dedicated all their resources to the research and development of feed supplements, meant for increasing the milk production in dairy cows. Thanks to their continued efforts, livestock farmers now have the ability to increase their yields as well as adhere to all the current regulations affiliated with livestock farming. But how does Kimtec International help these farmers?

Which product from the extensive ranges suits your goals?

Through the years, the experts over at Kimtec International have developed different feed supplement products. These products are meant to help with increasing milk production in dairy cows whilst taking care of the animal’s wellbeing. One of the main problems, lowered milk protein yields, is often caused by calcium deficiency in calving cows. This is why Kimtec International has developed a variety of feed supplements to prepare, support, and recover your cattle before, during, and after the calving period. In this way, calcium deficiencies can be prevented which in turn prevents early death by milk fever. In other words, the feed supplements from Kimtec International are not only beneficial for your milk yields, but they are also beneficial for the health of your animals!

Contact the experts for tailored advice or a bespoke feed supplement

Increasing milk production in dairy cows sounds like an easy victory with the feed supplements from Kimtec International. However, it may be the case that you believe your animals need something else to increase their milk production. If so, be sure to contact these experts. They are more than happy to think along and even create a bespoke solution that perfectly fits your cattle. Would you like to know more? You can find the contact information on their website to schedule an appointment!